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Fuel Dispensers

The Fuel Dispensers Range

Our Fuel Dispensers Tank Range is provided by enviroSTORE.
The horizontal tanks in this range have a unique lid and inner spill tray fitted to the rear, enabling the driver to fill at this point rather than through the pump cabinet.

Please note: If we have not got the fuel tank in stock, we can get it for you within 10 days.


  • Fuel Dispenser 1300 EHFD

    Fuel Dispenser 1300 EHFD

    Brimful: 1400 litres
    Nominal: 1330 litres
    Length: 1830mm
    Width: 1300mm
    Height: 1800mm
    Footprint: 1340mm x 1230mm
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  • Fuel Dispenser 1300 EVFD

    Fuel Dispenser 1300 EVFD

    Brimful: 1360 litres
    Nominal: 1300 litres
    Length: 1280mm
    Width: 1280mm
    Height: 1930mm
    Footprint: 1280mm x 1280mm
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  • Fuel Dispenser 2500 EHFD

    Fuel Dispenser 2500 EHFD

    Brimful: 2625 litres
    Nominal: 2493 litres
    Length: 2230mm
    Width: 1530mm
    Height: 1960mm
    Footprint: 1700mm x 1470mm
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  • Fuel Dispenser 2500 EVFD

    Fuel Dispenser 2500 EVFD

    Brimful: 2690 litres
    Nominal: 2555 litres
    Length: 1625mm
    Width: 1625mm
    Height: 1950mm
    Footprint: 1625mm x 1625mm
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  • Fuel Dispenser 5000 EVFD

    Fuel Dispenser 5000 EVFD

    Brimful: 5280 litres
    Nominal: 5016 litres
    Length: 2818mm
    Width: 2138mm
    Height: 2160mm
    Footprint: 2818mm x 2130mm
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  • Fuel Dispenser 8050 EVFD

    Fuel Dispenser 8050 EVFD

    Brimful: 8050 litres
    Nominal: 7650 litres
    Length: 3068mm
    Width: 2388mm
    Height: 2560mm
    Footprint: 3090mm x 2400mm
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