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Bunded Tanks

The Bunded Tanks Range

Our Bunded Tanks range is provided by enviroSTORE.
With a wide range of sizes available, they will be suitable for domestic, industrial and institutional installations.

All Bunded Tanks come with translucent inners for easier and safer filling.

Please note: If we have not got the right bunded tank in stock, we can get it for you within 10 days.


  • Bunded Tank 1000 ESB

    Bunded Tank 1000 ESB

    Brimful: 1080 litres
    Nominal: 1026 litres
    Length: 2000mm
    Width: 680mm
    Height: 1475mm
    Footprint: 1920mm x 680mm
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  • Bunded Tank 1225 ESB

    Bunded Tank 1225 ESB

    Brimful: 1270 litres
    Nominal: 1206 litres
    Length: 2060mm
    Width: 860mm
    Height: 1670mm
    Footprint: 2060mm x 860mm
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  • Bunded Tank 1250 ELB

    Bunded Tank 1250 ELB

    Brimful: 1330 litres
    Nominal: 1206 litres
    Length: 1970mm
    Width: 1410mm
    Height: 1115mm
    Footprint: 1890mm x 1340mm
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  • Bunded Tank 1300 EHB

    Bunded Tank 1300 EHB

    Brimful: 1400 litres
    Nominal: 1330 litres
    Length: 1830mm
    Width: 1300mm
    Height: 1470mm
    Footprint: 1340mm x 1230mm
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  • Bunded Tank 1300 EVB

    Bunded Tank 1300 EVB

    Brimful: 1360 litres
    Nominal: 1300 litres
    Length: 1280mm
    Width: 1280mm
    Height: 1680mm
    Footprint: 1280mm x 1280mm
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  • Bunded Tank 1800 EHB

    Bunded Tank 1800 EHB

    Brimful: 1910 litres
    Nominal: 1814 litres
    Length: 2070mm
    Width: 1325mm
    Height: 1570mm
    Footprint: 1680mm x 1275mm
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  • Bunded Tank 2500 EHB

    Bunded Tank 2500 EHB

    Brimful: 2625 litres
    Nominal: 2493 litres
    Length: 2230mm
    Width: 1530mm
    Height: 1670mm
    Footprint: 1700mm x 1470mm
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  • Bunded Tank 2500 EVB

    Bunded Tank 2500 EVB

    Brimful: 2690 litres
    Nominal: 2555 litres
    Length: 1625mm
    Width: 1625mm
    Height: 1625mm
    Footprint: 1625mm x 1625mm
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  • Bunded Tank 5000 EVB

    Bunded Tank 5000 EVB

    Brimful: 5280 litres
    Nominal: 5016 litres
    Length: 2138mm**
    Width: 2138mm
    Height: 2160mm
    Footprint: 2130mm x 2130mm
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  • Bunded Tank 8050 EVB

    Bunded Tank 8050 EVB

    Brimful: 8050 litres
    Nominal: 7650 litres
    Length: 2400mm**
    Width: 2400mm
    Height: 2560mm
    Footprint: 2400mm x 2400mm
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**Add 680mm to the length if an optional cabinet is required

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